Update on Run Regina 2021 In-Person Race Schedule

Run Regina is dedicated to producing our in-person races, in some capacity, just as soon as we are permitted to do so. We will work with all local permitting agencies, as well as the Saskatchewan Health Authority, to understand the timeline for getting back to in-person races again this year. But, as of now, there is unfortunately nothing new to report on this front.

We do have some hope that the races we have planned for this spring may be approved and have high hopes that those planned for the back half of the year will be approved, in at least some capacity, but this is still very much an uncertainty at this point. We cannot give an estimated timeline for an update, as we just do not know when the situation will begin to change. What we do promise is that as soon as we know, you will also know. As of right now we are all in a holding pattern for in-person racing this year.

You may be noticing that some events across Canada are beginning to accept registrations for their 2021 in-person events. It is entirely possible that other jurisdictions will permit races, of some size, in the coming year. Currently in Saskatchewan events such as road races are not permitted in any form.

It is our decision at this time that we are not comfortable accepting registrations for in-person races until we have at least some likelyhood of certainty the races will be able to go forward, in some capacity, in-person. We will however be going forward in the next couple of weeks with registration for our spring and summer events, including the GMS Queen City Marathon, for virtual participation.

We hope you will choose to "support local" and consider registering early for our virtual races this year. We know you were hoping that we would be running and walking together in-person and we commit to offering the opportunity to do just that once we have permission.

Those runners and walkers who are registered for our virtual races will be given first opportunity to transfer to any in-person options we are able to offer. Register early to be at the front of the line to make the move to in-person.

We thank you for your patience and continued support in this challenging year. We encourage you to stay active, and to also stay safe, as we all work together to get back to the racing that we love.

The Run Regina Team