Race Weekend

Race Cancellation Policy

The GMS Queen City Marathon runs rain or shine, within the reasonable weather expectations for the middle of a Saskatchewan September. 

In the event that weather conditions are deemed by GMS Queen City Marathon organizers to be potentially hazardous to participants and volunteers, the GMS Queen City Marathon organizers reserve the right to briefly postpone or cancel the event outright. Cancellation of the event may take place either prior to the start of the event or at any time while the event is taking place. 

A brief postponement and/or outright cancellation of the event may also take place for any other reason or situation wherein the GMS Queen City Marathon organizers feel conditions may be potentially unsafe for participants and volunteers.

The decision of the Race Director is final. 

In the event of cancellation for any reason - including but not limited to weather conditions - funds not required to cover race expenses will be donated to the GMS Queen City Marathon designated charities.

Thank you to our sponsors & community partners.