Race Weekend


ROAD CLOSURE WARNING WHEN ACCESSING CONEXUS ARTS CENTRE: Due to road closures on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, access to the Conexus Arts Centre is ONLY from the south side entrance road of the Conexus Arts Centre at 23rd Avenue and Wasana Parkway, entering onto Lakeshore Drive.

Very limited parking - repeat: very limited parking - is available in the east and south lots of the Conexus Arts Centre. If you plan to park at the Conexus Arts Centre on race day SUNDAY, please plan to be on site no later than 6:30 am. If those lots are already full, you need to give yourself enough time to find alternate parking.

Please CLICK HERE for the Conexus Arts Centre map for QCM race weekend parking.

Additional parking will be available at some of the University of Regina parking lots, which are about a 10 to 15 minute walk to the start line. The University of Regina is directly south of the Conexus Arts Centre, along Wascana Parkway.

Please CLICK HERE for the University of Regina map for QCM race weekend parking.

The GMS Queen City Marathon assumes no responsibility for any vehicles parked on site.

The GMS Queen City Marathon START/FINISH area is located at the Conexus Arts Centre, 200A Lakeshore Drive.

NOTE: The start/finish for the University of Regina Night Owl 5K IS NOT at the Conexus Arts Centre.

Instead, the start/finish for that event is located on the University of Regina Campus, in Parking Lot #14.

Please dowload and review the course map HERE and plan your parking accordingly.

Friends and family are encouraged to stand adjacent to the edge of the defined course and cheer the participants on!  

Due to liability considerations, and out of respect for the registered participants, non-registered runners or walkers are not permitted to run or walk within the boundaries of the official marathon course.

VERY IMPORTANT: As a general rule, to prevent accidental collisions with participants, friends and family should not enter the finish zone which begins approximately 200 meters before the finish line. 

Due to EMS medical requirements, friends and family are NOT ALLOWED in the area directly behind the finish line.

Please wait until after your participant has completely exited the finish line area and entered into the main infield area before you all celebrate with a big, sweaty group hug.

If you can’t make it to the GMS Queen City Marathon Start/Finish area, and the course runs near your house, here are some suggestions for hosting a marathon cheer party in your yard:

  • Lawn decorations including signs, balloons and banners.
  • Play lively music from a portable stereo. Runners and walkers LOVE music! It's VERY important to keep spirits high and - more importantly - take their minds off just how sore their feet are.
  • Brush the cobwebs off the trumpet, violin, sax, guitar, harmonica, drums, accordion or bagpipes and make some noise. Time to open the garage door and let the garage band be heard!
  • Create a party cheer to yell as the runners pass.
  • Coordinate a team wave.
  • Fire-up the barbeque in your yard with plenty of food and drink for all your friends as you watch the runners and walkers go by. Just remember to guard those burgers and hot dogs - our participants can get hungry and they can move really fast!
  • Set up an “Unofficial Aid Station ” in your neighborhood, serving candy (gummy bears or jelly beans are faves!) and perhaps sliced fruit (oranges, bananas). You’ll be surprised by the smiles and appreciation you’ll receive. Plus watching a runner wolfing down orange slices while trying to say "thank you" and not trip at the same time is always good, solid entertainment.
  • If it's a really hot day, a soft, cooling mist from a garden hose is always welcome. Strong emphasis on "soft" and "mist", please.

Here are some suggested words of encouragement to offer runners as they pass by your house:

  • “Way to run!”
  • “I love Regina!”
  • “Awesome!”
  • “You Can Do It!”
  • “Looking Strong!”
  • “You’re flying!”
  • “Looking Good!”
  • “Nice legs!”

One small favour, please:

Unless you are at the Conexus Arts Centre right near the finish line, please resist the urge to cheer “Almost there”, “Not far to go”, etc. To a tired runner or walker, “almost there” or "not far to go" means a hundred meters from the finish line. Sometimes it means ONE meter from the finish line...or even less. Tired runners and walkers can sometimes have no sense of humour when it comes to the old "you're almost there" line, even if you mean it in the nicest, most encouraging way. 

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