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Perfect conditions, first class organization, and a beautiful course through scenic parkland. I met 5 MM's and had a great weekend.

Roger MacMillan, Marathon Maniacs - Fort Saskatchewan, AB

THIS marathon was absolutely the BEST!!!! From the organizational aspect, to the pasta dinner, to the after race food and services, to the course support, the the volunteers, to the race director, to the race committee....there was no one who wouldnt help, cheer or make sure you were having a great time!!! DO THIS RACE!!! No detail was small enough for the race committee to tend to and EVERY detail was tended to....Having worked behind the scenes for a day, I know this for a fact!!! The course is beautiful and interesting and the few streets we were on were well supported with police presence and course marshals...Darwin pulled me through once again so I could make my flight!!! Not only did I make the flight BUT I had time to enjoy the AWESOME post-race food (on top of awesomeness goodies there were homemade cookies, folks!!!!) and socialize with so many wonderful new Canadian friends!! Mostly flat, it will make for a happy day of running!!! Any maniac reading this, make every effort to run this race!!!!

Sue Colgan-Borror, Marathon Maniacs - Pound Ridge, New York, USA

Thanks for an awesome race. I have completed several half-marathons, a full, a few relays and numerous other races, and I have never before felt the impulse to write to the the organising committee - I was really impressed. There is tremendous attention to detail, the runners are well-looked-after (loved the "Roll Aid" cyclists, the post-race spread, etc., etc.) and I especially appreciated the friendliness for slower runners, having done a few races where the aid stations were packed up before I got there because "there's only a few people left on the course." The weather and the terrific crowd support, while outside of your control, were also part of making this a standout event for me. I hope to be back sometime in the future!

Best wishes,

Denise T. - Edmonton, AB

The race was terrific, I totally loved it. The course was phenomenal. I had no idea that we'd spend so much time in parklands and greenbelts. The trail system in Regina is awesome and the way it was incorporated into the race was excellent. As well, your many volunteers were great, everything was so well organized and the marathon shirts are fantastic, I'm wearing mine right now. The Running Room pace bunny I ran with was exceptionally consistent, I finished exactly where I wanted and the pace set all day could not have been better. Thanks for a fantastic day in Regina!

Best regards,

Don Y. - Kitchener, ON

I just wanted to congratulate you on organizing another great QCM. This is my fourth time in a row running the full (I ran the half once as well), and I've run 24 marathons and ultras over the last few years, and this is definitely one of the best organized races. You and your committee do a great job and the volunteers are terrific. As a slower runner, I really like how slow runner friendly this race is and I hope that will continue. Todays race was a bit of a slog for me, but I can't blame the race organizers for that!


Christian R. - Regina, SK

I think that volunteers and NEIGHBOURS who hand out water, gator-aid, gels, vaseline, watermelon, orange wedges, cold beer, unconditional (and often unwarranted) words of praise and encouragement and are generous with their smiles; who direct traffic, patrol the course on bikes to make sure no one is dying, stand by pylons holding signs, man misting water hoses, rake up the thousands of plastic or paper cups and used gel packages; who play deadly music loudly enough that the bass can be felt not just heard; who sit out in their yards watching a seemingly endless parade of sweaty ugly go by their blocked-off street on a sunday morning rather than grumbling about it; who have reddened hands from clapping for complete strangers; who put medals around our necks; who announce our names or our numbers WITHOUT announcing our times; who kindly make sure we don't take two chocolate milks because there has to be enough for everyone and chocolate milk is awesome; who paint the streets and place the pylons; who do jobs before the race without being seen; who do jobs during the race without being seen; who do jobs after the race without being seen; who do jobs that are neither noticed, nor listed, but are nonetheless crucial to running a community event of the magnitude of the QCM...

I think that all of these people get it and it is a blessing to share a town with them.

Thank you

Darryl D. - Regina, SK.

I was so excited because I've never come in first in my age category before! In fact, I searched for my name and didn't see it at first because it was at the top. It brought me to tears. I had just missed qualifying for Boston in Edmonton 3 weeks prior by 32 seconds. But I did BQ at the QCM and this was a PR for me as well. I had the most wonderful time. I loved the route and the spectators were wonderful. The volunteers were fantastic! I will always remember this experience.

Natalie P. - Edmonton, Alberta

Thank you QCM for the award plaque I received yesterday (my birthday). It was a total surprise and it was another reminder of "if you work hard you will succeed!" The QCM was my first "full" marathon and it was an experience I will never forget. I appreciated everything QCM did (and is continuing to do) for all their participants. I am currently training for Boston and the gift I received yesterday gave me another boost to keep my training strong. Thanks again, QCM. I hope to be back. :)

Deanna P. - Brandon, Manitoba


Thank you so much for the pictures. We had a wonderful time at the race. I like traveling to new places for events, but I had such a great time last year that I am seriously considering coming back. I've been telling everyone who will listen about how well organized the race, and how lovely a city Regina was.

Keith C. - San Francisco, USA

Hi Doug! Just to let you know...the QCM was awesome! It was my first half marathon but certainly not my last. I loved every minute of it. Congratulations to you and your cohorts for providing such an experience. Thank you is just not enough.

Denise M.

Once again, the organizing committee and volunteers ran an outstanding QCM.  The activities were well run and did not appear to have any “gliches”.  I am sure that behind the scenes there was much scrambling!! 

With the heat, the organizers put great effort in short notice to reduce the discomfort of the runners.  All of the comments that I heard from runners were positive.  Just chatting with some out of town runners, they were extremely impressed with way the events ran.  I have had the opportunity to run in other events out of town, and those events can learn from Regina!

Mark R.


We decided to participate in the ritual Saturday morning friendship run held by the Running Room – John Stanton, the RR founder always comes out, gives a little speech, and everyone runs about 3K to work off some pre-race jitters. At the run, the QCM race director got up and talked about the event, which was very cool (he’s a funny, funny guy!), and he showed off the gorgeous medals being presented to the finishers…. I was SO jealous!! I started thinking maybe, just maybe, I could walk this sucker….

I talked to the full marathon “To Complete” pace bunny – he said he was aiming for about 5.5 hours…. ugh, I could really muck up my ankle doing this…. but I wanted it so bad! Bruce & I went out and did the 3K fun run, and trying to keep pace with Bruce really drove home for me how much I was lacking in the training department. I knew the full was a bad, bad idea. But when I saw the race director back at the store, I figured I’d ask… and he said that for a fee I could switch to the half, as they’d had a few people drop out! I could have kissed him I was so excited!! I was going to be able to RUN!

This race was well organized, a beautiful course, and lots of fun. I have every intention of doing it again next year. It also taught me something really important – I need to try to schedule one race a year for the fun of it. No Garmin, no time goal, just a 1/2 marathon to remember why I love to run.

Kris from Winnipeg

The event was so well-planned from the hilarious emails before, during and after the event with so much detail to the numerous water hoses and sprinklers on the route to the amazing post-marathon massage, food and finish venue!

This was my 6th marathon and I will definitely be coming back and bringing along some running friends!  I was aiming to better my Boston qualifying time which I didn't quite manage due to the crazy heat but I managed to have a great marathon experience.

Cheers to you,

Debbie W.

Just a quick note to express my sincere appreciation for the great job you and your staff, and especially the volunteers did in this years marathon.  This was my 4th consecutive year and I will be returning as long as I am able.  The pre race pasta feed and guest speakers are second to none!  This years race was my 33rd Marathon and I can honestly say yours is in my top 2. (Yakima is my favorite, just because of the friendliness of the numerous Marathon Maniacs taking part, and the Dolphins, Bob and Lenore, race directors.)  But your race is the best organised and has the best meal by far.  Thanks again.  Take a bow, and a well earned rest!

Roger M.

Hi Doug, sorry to bother you.  I just wanted to say thanks!  You put a lot of hard work into the event and it shows.  The organization on race day is incredible and being a first time participant last year I can tell you that I truly appreciated every bit of it.  That is part of what propelled me to to participate again this year.  So again, thanks!!

Michelle K.

I have participated in many marathons and races and I continue to be impressed by the organization and efforts of those in charge of the QCM.  Well done.

Darren H.

A great prairie run.  The organization is top notch, the fan support is enthusiastic, and the course is pretty, scenic, gently rolling and ever-changing.  Some people moan because there are minimal fans (unlike Boston's 500,000 lovable, cheering maniacs), but Boston is special.  If people need that kind of support everywhere they run, perhaps you should consider a different sport.  The people of Regina were great.


Very fast, friendly.  Newly paved, flat, very fast after 2 miles for the pack to thin - certainly a good choice for a BQ attempt, despite the 1900' elevation.  Race administration and volunteers were friendly and flawless - a delightful event to go to and a pretty course mostly along a river or lakes.  Highly recommend it!

Rich H.

Once again, I would like to say that I really enjoyed my first QCM.  It was a great race, great course, great day to run and outstanding effort by all the people involved in putting on the race.  I am looking forward to next year's race.

Thanks again.

Peter K.

This past year I travelled outside of Regina for the first time to participate in a race and it made me truly appreciate the organization and quality of the QCM.  Of all the races I have done over the past few years the QCM is by far my favorite.

Brett M.

Doug and Volunteers,

Thank you for holding this race which, with its good humour, friendliness and locale began my career in late adulthood as a distance runner, first in a team five years ago, then a half, then my first full, where I qualified for the Boston Marathon, then Boston, then this third marathon, my second at home and my best result.

I was never an athlete in school, so my first athletic competitions have been since I turned fifty.  Maybe the thrill has worn off for those with lifelong athletic achievements, but I cherish my QCM medals, and in particular for this year which is the first I have ever "won".  I'm not too old to be excited about it!

Liz G.

We wanted to take a moment, while our memories are fresh and our feet are sore, to offer our thanks to you and all the folks who make the Credit Union Queen City Marathon such a wonderful event. 

As first time half marathoners, we could not have wished for a better experience.  From the race package pickup, to the pasta dinner, the race itself and the post-race activities, we found the entire weekend to be an exceptionally well-organized and, most importantly, fun event in which to participate.

Many thanks to you, the volunteer board and the many enthusiastic race-weekend volunteers who contribute their time, creativity and exceptional community spirit to the marathon.  Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Please extend our thanks as well to the sponsors whose financial and in-kind support are essential to putting on such a first-class race.

Sincerely yours (and see you next year!),

Marlon M. and Irene S.

Just wanted to thank you.  I started re-running 5 years ago so this was my fifth queen city race.  I only wish I could say I was a member of the ten year club.  This is a favorite race by far.  The atmosphere is so amazing.  Your volunteers the best!  You Doug are amazing the time and effort you put in as a volunteer there are no words.  Thank you once again and see you next year!

Anne M.

Elliot Hicks, a marathoner and sports blogger says the Credit Union Queen City Marathon is "the politest race ever." 



I want to heap praise on the organizers of the Queen City Marathon for putting on one of the smoothest events that I've been too in a long time. This race was incredibly well organized and well marked. The aid stations were great and the volunteers were fantastic. All in all, this is a fast course, but not a blazing fast course. It is a very scenic and interesting run. I might even have called it enjoyable, although I think most marathon runners would understand that no marathon course is truly enjoyable. There are a couple of things that I'd like to add in closing. First, the Queen City Marathon is a great race and should be celebrated. Second, to the people of Regina, thank you for being such amazing hosts. Third, I love the small sized marathon experience! It was less overwhelming and a lot more personal than running in the masses of Chicago or New York.

I ran the full Queen City Marathon again in 2009 and plan to return again. It was my 35th marathon and one of the best organized. It is not large, but in many ways, it compares with my other marathons in Chicago, Boston, Twin Cities. It is a good Boston qualifier. Registration was easy, but it sold out six weeks before race day. It has good communication by e-mail. The race started on time with many water stations and marshals. The rolling hills in the second half were harder than one would expect from a prairie town. The finish line and post-race food were well done.

The QCM is the best run in Western Canada. I have run the Edmonton, Calgary and Regina runs and like the Regina one the best...even though I live in Calgary (originally from Regina). I will be back to try and improve on my newly acquired personal best time. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

This was a very well organized and enjoyable marathon. I loved the race announcer who made me feel like a star as he announced my name as I crossed the finish line. He made note that I was from Green Bay, Wisconsin, 'home of our second-favorite football team!' Very cool. I liked running back through the start line and hearing all of the cheering from the spectators surrounding the start area. I had my second best time ever, so I was pleased. It was a bit congested at the end, but this is expected with walkers and relay marathoners (etc.) at the finish. The finish area was superb and I like the fact the food was given to us in a bag (for easy carry) on top of the fact that the marathoners had their own food tent and supply. I highly recommend this marathon to anyone looking for a great race and town, as well as a good time!

I've run this run every year since the beginning, even though I moved to Ontario. It is a great run, and the organization is fantastic! I will be back next year again for the 10th year! I ran a PB this year on the course, and hope to improve next year! Thanks so much, Regina!!!

I expected a run that would be flat, fast and uncrowded. What I didn't expect was how gosh darn enjoyable the race would be. Far from boring, the course is reasonably fast with lots of variety and scenic views. The volunteers along the course were tremendous, very enthusiastic and encouraging. The Queen City Marathon was an exceptional race, and true to it's mid-western Canadian setting, was top-to-bottom the politest race I've ever been in. I encourage anyone up for travelling off the beaten path to give this marathon a try.

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated my biker buddy and some of the other officials during the race. I hurt my knee about 23km in and had to start walking. He biked with me for the rest of the race and let me use his cell phone so I could let my husband know that I was okay. He was very encouraging and helped put my performance into perspective. I would have finished the race if I had to crawl, but the biker volunteer helped take my mind off my disappointment and kept me going faster. Thanks for organizing a great race. I will see you next year!

Thank you to our sponsors & community partners.