The 2016 Saskatchewan Credit Unions Queen City Marathon medal collection is now revealed! Our 2016 medals depict our province's iconic Legislative Building (which received a new copper dome this year, that you'll see as you run near it on the course).

Our medals and age category awards are designed locally by the talented folks at The Pin People, who also create custom pins for the Canadian Olympic team. The Pin People also sponsor all our age category awards.

Let's start with the big one: the finisher medal for the Saskatchewan Credit Unions 42.2K Run & Wheelchair events, and the City of Regina 42.2K Walk event.

This sucker has got some weight to it. On the reverse side of all our medals is a place for you to insert your ItaB - a custom insert with your name and finishing time. Here's an example of how the ItaB looks:

You can pre-order your ItaB before the race, or order it after the race. TO ORDER YOUR CUSTON ITAB INSERT, CLICK HERE

A close-up look at the 42.2K medal. The gang at The Pin People did a great job of the detail. If you hold the medal close to your ear, you can almost hear the politicians insulting each other during question period.  :-)

Now here is the medal for the G.M.S. Healthy Half 21.1K Run and Saskatchewan Egg Producers 21.1K Walk events.

Now a close-up of the 21.1K medal.

Below is the finisher medal for the Regina Hotel Association 10K race.

Here is the finisher medal for the Auto Gallery Subaru 42.2K Team Relay event. Each member of the team receives one of these medals. The medals for all the team are given to the team member who runs the final leg and crosses the finish line. You don't need all the team members to cross the finish line at the same time to get the medal. We'll give medals for the whole team to the last member...and you'll just have to trust her or him to remember to pass them out to the rest of the team. :-)

Below are two views of the medal for the Campbell & Haliburton Insurance Family 5K event.

And here is the finisher medal for the McDonald's Mini Marathon races.

Our age category awards are sponsored by The Pin People, who created the special double-sided spinner medal you'll see below. And it's not just a's also a keychain! First you'll see the front side, and then you'll see the back, which has the age category information.

Age Category Awards will be given to the top 3 male and female finishers in the 42.2K Run, 21.1K Run, and 10K events. 

Age category awards are NOT presented in the 42.2K Walk, 21.1K Walk, 42.2K Wheelchair, 42.2K Team Relay, Mini Marathon, or 5K events.

The age categories are: 19 and under, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-plus.

NOTE:  All age category awards will be calculated using Net/Chip time and NOT official "Gun" time. 


Awards will NOT be mailed out after the race.

And, finally, here's a peek at the special Scribbly Challenge medal!

Named after our mascot...that's the "Scribbly" part, not the "challenge" part...the Scribbly Challenge gives an ambitious athlete like you the chance to earn two race shirts, three - yes, three! - medals, and twice the bragging rights.


Successfully complete our Family 5K race on Saturday, then successfully complete any race on Sunday and you'll earn the right to wear a special Scribbly Challenge Medal.

Added to your two other finisher medals, that makes THREE medals for completing TWO races! Not to mention the warm, smug feeling of athletic superiority you'll get when you show off your Scribbly Challenge Medal to the other envious participants on race Sunday.

If you've already registered for an event on Sunday and want to take the Scribbly Challenge, no problem. You just need to register for (and complete) the Family 5K event on Saturday, as well.

And's the medal...

Whoops. Sorry. But we have to keep SOMETHING secret until race Sunday. You'll just have to wait to see the Scribbly Challenge medal in person.  :-)