We've made some changes to our 42.2K course and 10K courses for 2016.

Participants in the following events will want to check out the NEW UPDATED COURSE MAPS:

  • Saskatchewan Credit Unions 42.2K Run, City of Regina 42.2K Walk, and Auto Gallery Subaru 42.2K Team Relay participants:
    • The back half of the course - from approximately 18K to 38K - will now be run (or walked) in a counter-clockwise direction, which is the opposite direction than the 2015 course.
    • Relay Exchange Points #3 and #4 are now in different locations than they were in 2015. The approximate distances of the five Relay legs will still stay about the same.
    • This course direction change was done in consulation with Althetics Canada and meets the measurement and certification requirements for Boston Marathon qualification.
  • Regina Hotel Association 10K participants:
    • This is an ENTIRELY NEW 10K COURSE for 2016. Participants will now travel through the downtown core of Regina early in their race.

To download and view the course maps, CLICK HERE.

Please note that our 21.1K course, 5K course, and Mini Marathon courses are the same as last year. There are no changes to those courses.