In-Person Events

Race package pick-up for In-Person events will take place at the Conexus Arts Centre, 200A Lakeshore Drive.

  • Friday, September 8 - 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM

  • Saturday, September 9 - 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Virtual Events

Race packages for all Virtual events for participants who selected "Local Pickup" will take place at Package Pickup on Friday, September 8th from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM and Saturday, September 9th from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM at the Conexus Arts Centre.

Virtual race packages for participants who selected "Mailing", will be mailed the week of September 11th.

ROAD CLOSURE WARNING WHEN ACCESSING CONEXUS ARTS CENTRE: Due to road closures on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, access to the Conexus Arts Centre is ONLY from the south side entrance road of the Conexus Arts Centre at 23rd Avenue and Wasana Parkway, entering onto Lakeshore Drive.

When you arrive at the Conexus Arts Centre, enter through the MAIN DOORS (on the north side of the building). 

IN-PERSON RACE KITS WILL NOT BE MAILED OR DELIVERED. All In-Person race kits must be picked up by Saturday at 5:00 PM.

NOTE: We suggest you bring along some photo identification. Should they deem it prudent, our volunteers may request photo identification before releasing a participant's race package. This is to prevent the very rare chance that some unscrupulous person might try to claim someone else's race package without permission.

If you can't make it to race package pickup during the hours that it is open, you can have a friend or relative pick up your race package for you.

  1. Provide your friend/relative with a letter of authorization (it could be an email) indicating that you authorize them to pick up your race package. Be sure to include your name and event, as well as the name of the person who will be picking up your race package.
  2. Your friend/relative must bring a printed copy of that letter (or email) with them to race package pickup and present it to our volunteers before they will release your race package. NOTE: An electronic copy of the authorization letter will also be acceptable...for example, your friend or relative can show our package pickup volunteers your authorization email on their phone.
  3. When your friend/relative picks up your race package, they will be asked to complete a short form indicating their name and contact information. This provides us with a record of who picked up your race package, should a question arise later.

The Relay team's shared timing chip race bib, along with all the race bibs and other goodies for each team are combined into one package, so one member of the team can  pick it up, if necessary.