The 2016 Credit Union Queen City Marathon will have a new look at the start/finish line this September.

This past weekend, some of our organizing committee went down to our start/finish area just outside the Conexus Arts Centre in Wascana Centre and did a test inflation of our new arch, which will straddle to road on race Saturday and Sunday. We're happy to report that it "blowed up real good!" (There's an old SCTV John Candy comedy sketch reference for you.)

This will be your target on race day. You'll cross underneath it at the start of your race...and then, up to 42.2 kilometres later (depending on your event), you'll cross underneath it when you finish.

Of course, by about kilometre 40, you might be thinking of this as being your "arch" enemy. Don't worry. You'll get there. We'll see you at the starting line on September 10th and 11th for the 2016 Credit Union Queen City Marathon!